Tree Gallery

Corn, No. 2 / Georgia O'Keefe
Corn, No. 2 / Georgia O’Keefe

When the trees are barren, merely skeletons, branches shaking in the cold bitter wind the places around us appear void of color. In hopes of adding a vibrant edge to the environment whitewashed by snow and bone nursing cold, a natural gallery of sorts could be established whereby the trees will be the canvas of different artworks in history or in the present that often made anyone who saw it stop and remember the beauty that is nature.

Expert Witness Statement

“What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?”

-Henry David Thoreau

Subject Statement

Using colored twine, the thick stems of trees will be wound with vibrant art pieces that often led its audience to stop and gape at in awe at the wonder that is the environment. Works such as Claude Monet’s famed ‘Water Lilies’, will hug tree trunks to Georgia O’Keefe’s ‘Corn, No.2’ in a park deemed barren and void of activity in the city of Camden.

Content Statement

  1. Art is an entity that everyone ought to bear witness to; in it you find voices and understanding. A possible purpose for this artwork is to bring art physically to the people who seldom enter galleries, by physically creating one ‘a tree gallery’ if you will. The implementation of the trees, not only provides canvasses, but also highlights that the wondrous art they carry is in their mere existence being such key contributors to our environment.
  2. Another possible aim of this artwork is to further display the multifaceted glory that is nature and how it fuels the inspiration of work that captivates us. It serves as a reminder that it is necessary to transcend a short-term goal-oriented mindset that swirls in us with such strength, but is the very destruction of our environment, which in essence, both biologically and emotionally speaking, is a mothering vessel that cares for us deeply.

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