Down Proclamation Street

Self-love is a necessary entity for one’s existence. Too often, I, as many, have uttered words that are like unswept glass, cutting you when you least expect it. Seldom, do people unanimously and uniformly feel like they are vessels of love that deserve to love and be loved. This is an ongoing journey that we all experience and for several of us it is an uphill battle, when in essence we are honey and honey seldom rots.

Pooling inspiration from Jon Rubin’s ‘The Last Billboard’, an art piece in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which invites people to write a message on a billboard located on top of a waffle shop, and Miranda July’s + Harrell Fletcher’s website that aims to teach self-love and care ‘Learning to Love You More’ comes ‘Down Proclamation Street’. Taking a street in Camden, NJ, members from the public will be invited to write messages about self-love and healing in moss graffiti.

Expert Statement:

The first question we should ask ourselves when looking at a work of art is: – Does it give me the chance to exist in front of it, or, on the contrary, does it deny me as a subject, refusing the consider the Other in its structure?

-Nicolas Ribbaud

Subject Statement

Down a street spattered with buildings, abandoned and habitable, messages written by various members of the public on their personal experiences and advice about the journey to self-love and healing in moss graffiti. The messages will vary in font style and design due to that being at the liberty of the writer of the message.

Content Statement

  1. The artist aims to create an environment that is charged with the relevance of self-love and healing in an environment that is physically deemed to lack the embodiment of such a feat due to there being a link between socioeconomic status and race to self-image. The project aims to promote a necessary component of one’s mental health to a community that seldom hears it.
  2. The artist aims to create a common ground for various community members who may be fractured due to lack of communication or disjointed lifestyles, who all undoubtedly have experienced or are currently experiencing the rollercoaster that is loving oneself, especially in a time where self-love and self-preservation is considered revolutionary. This further facilitates a forum that promotes the communication of shared experiences and understanding that no one is quite alone.

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