The Octagonal Planter

Rear view of the Octagonal Planter
Rear view of the Octagonal Planter
Front view of the Octagonal Planter
Front view of the Octagonal Planter
Inside view of Octagonal Planter

Expert Statement:

“It takes a lot of skill to be able to grow food sustainably. Its an art form. We need to raise agriculture up to another different level like they do in Europe where farmers are on the same level as engineers and doctors… because the food that we eat is the most important thing in our lives.”

– Antonio Roman-Alcala, Farmer/Activist Alemany Farm, San Francisco, CA

Subject Statement:

    In the ‘Octagonal Planter’, the artists created a wooden planter shaped like an octagon. Painted a pale green, the planter has eight faces, of which one face is shorter than the rest, accommodating for the plastic drawer that will will be placed under the planter. The interior of the planter has a base that is drilled with holes, and numerous crotched white wicks made of yarn going through them.

Content Statement:

  1. A possibility of the artwork content is that with Camden being a food desert, the multitude of vegetables and fruits available to residents is scarce. Therefore the artists aimed to create sustainable self-watering planters, using materials you can easily have access to, in urban spaces equipping residents with the ability to grow their own food.
  2. Another possibility of the artwork is the artists aim to bring to life a real-world application to  Le Chatelier’s Principle which states: “When a system at equilibrium is subjected to change in concentration, temperature, volume, or pressure, then the system readjusts itself to (partially) counteract the effect of the applied change and a new equilibrium is established.” This is established through the wicks which are doused in water in the plastic drawer, and via capillary action, pull it through the soil, to provide irrigation to the plants minimizing algal growth on the surface of the soil due to overwatering.

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